Endless World is an RPG clicker with fantastic 3D graphics and a variety of gameplay modes. Assemble a party of heroes, explore new and dangerous worlds, encounter hordes of sinister monsters, challenge mighty bosses, and become stronger with every battle.

As you train and level up, you will collect powerful rare and ancient gears, and recruit over 40 legendary heroes to accompany you in your adventures. In Endless World, victory is just the beginning, defeat will only make you stronger!

► 20+ Diverse Locations

Wild forests, live volcanos, silent hills, peaceful plains, snow mountains, and the mysterious dark abyss. Each of these enchanted locations has its own style and charm, but beware their own inhabitants and bosses!

Heroes & Strategy

40+ hero characters from 6 classes, each with unique skill set and elemental damage. Choose Warrior, Assassin, Support, Archer, Tank or Mage for different battle styles. Your choice of heroes will require careful thought to create the best party combination. Only the most powerful formations will defeat the waves of ferocious monsters!

► Gears & Artifacts

Various artifacts offer flexible combat strategies. Discover which artifacts will deal special types of damage to particular bosses. Customize your character’s armor set with different grades and appearances. Master the forge to further enhance your armor’s properties and rarity.

► Interactive and destructible environments

In Endless World, players will be able to destroy almost everything by point and clicking, all the while with loot droppings everywhere!


You are never alone in Endless World. Dangerous encounters with other players will either slow you down or become deadly confrontations. Take your adventures further and team up with other players to survive dungeon challenges.